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How To Appropriately Call Out of Work

We all get sick or have an emergency at some point in our adult lives. It is inevitable. Any time you are unable…

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Why Use a Staffing Agency? Benefits for Job Seekers

In today’s age, there are more ways to apply to jobs than ever before. From ZipRecruiter and Indeed to Facebook group posts, company…

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Working from home – The new normal

In response to COVID-19, many companies have been allowing their employees to work from home. Radio broadcasts are coming from the living rooms…

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Savannah Economy Levels Off in Q3, But Continued Expansion Expected

Armstrong's Coastal Empire Economic Monitor summed up Q3 with this assessment and forecast: "the coincident index of economic activity suggests that Savannah’s economy leveled…

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Savannah Unemployment Rate Falls to 4.9%

The Savannah metro area, which includes Chatham, Bryan and Effingham counties, saw its unemployment rate drop to 4.9 percent in November. This was its lowest…

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