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The key to impressing any employer is showing confidence during your interview, and a sure way to feel more confident is to dress the part. Every interview is different, which means you may have to switch up your go-to interview outfit. You’ve heard “dress for the job you want not the job you have,” but that can be not-so-good advice sometimes. You don’t want to be like Brennan and Dale and wear tuxedos to an interview to clean toilets.

Dress the part

When you’re picking out your interview outfit, take into account the actual job you will be doing if you are hired. Take whatever you would wear on a daily basis to work, and spruce it up a bit. If you would wear jeans and a t-shirt to work, wear slacks and a collared shirt for the interview. If you would wear slacks and a blouse to the office, add a blazer for the interview. There are 2 styles of interview attire – business casual and business professional.

Business Casual

business casual
Business casual outfits for men and women.

Business casual is acceptable for most job interviews and provides a more relaxed look while still looking presentable. Stables for business casual in a woman’s wardrobe include solid color or simple pattern blouses, black and khaki slacks, light sweaters, low heels, and flats. For men, business casual looks like slacks with a solid color collared shirt or button-up with dress shoes.

Business Casual Don’ts

  • T-shirts
  • Tennis shoes
  • Bold patterns
  • Bright/neon colors
  • Clothing with writing
  • Dirty clothing
  • Ill-fitting (too tight/too loose)

Business Professional

business professional
Business professional outfits for men and women.

Some interviews will call for a more formal attire. This is where a business professional outfit will be worn. A business professional outfit for women consists of a pantsuit or a dress suit. The key is the blazer. Often, a business casual outfit can be made into a professional one by simply adding a blazer or suit coat. For men, you will also want to wear a tie. Always keep it simple with a solid color or basic pattern.

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